English Tudor Modern Kitchen Renovation



This kitchen was dark, dated, and far too traditional for the client. The dark cabinetry made the space feel small and cluttered. Although there was a large island, the functionality of the layout was not working, so the counter space was not beneficial. Our client expressed that she would like to have an area where she could keep correspondences, memos, etc. if possible. Overall, the client expressed a want for an updated, modern kitchen that would incorporate natural light to make the space feel larger.




This space presented a great deal of potential for a new modern kitchen design. Our proposal for this project was to keep mostly the same layout of the space, but modernize it. Our client expressed that she enjoys cooking and entertaining in her kitchen, but felt the space was too small to properly do so. By implementing a bench seat option below the large bay windows, we were able to incorporate an eat-in kitchen.

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This once dark and dated kitchen feels so much more refreshing with bright white cabinets and walnut accents. The touches of brass throughout the space modernize the design and compliment the walnut feature. By removing the traditional Tudor detail from the windows, we were able to allow light to flood into the kitchen; creating a dining experience with a view. The beautiful scenery is enough to make anyone enjoy washing dishes!

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The eat-in dining area is complimented with a black raffia wallpaper around the window and bench seating to create a beautiful contrast. These large windows bring in immense amounts of natural light to a once very dark kitchen.

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Attention to detail will change the design. The beautiful walnut material from the island is replicated in these modern stools. The black cable backing compliments the black raffia wallpaper used in the bench seating area. These stools were the perfect fit for this kitchen.

Doverspike stool.jpg

This faucet is truly a statement piece in this kitchen. The industrial look allows this fixture to stand out in from the modern design style. The brass color is used throughout the space with hardware.

Brass is back and better than ever, especially in this design!

pendant lights.jpg

Lighting defines this space. These modern pendant lights draw your eyes up and illuminate the kitchen. We were able to create a focal point with the large walnut counter top for the island and decided to compliment it by adding the same material to the glass storage cabinet. Repetition is a key factor in designing this kitchen. We chose to incorporate certain materials throughout the space in creative ways that would overall provide a beautiful balance and design solution.